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About the Office are prone to fatty liver

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According to Dr. Tran Thi Minh Nguyet, fatty liver condition can be detected on ultrasound images. Mild, fat accounts for about 5 to 10% of the liver, if in excess of 30% is alarming. Fatty liver can cause dangerous complications such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer.

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Fatty liver disease due to multiple causes. Such eating habits more fat and sugar causes excess energy. The energy not used up will convert into fat and accumulates in the liver. Abusive drinking habits also cause this disease. The Group prone to fatty liver is Office, due to the particularities of work usually have to sit continuously for many hours and no time lobbying causes were excessive fat accumulation in many places, including the liver.


Patients with fatty liver often feel tired, weak, or discomfort and nausea. Ultrasound can see liver swelling to more than usual. Some cases of jaundice. Mild fatty liver not endangering the patient. However, when th…

The heart has sent a bride's hand dyanna lauren should stay through various husband at home, do not help

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The new family life and her husband for several years, but I feel my life hell. Even if you just born four months, but I am glad not what...... Parachute training at home by her husband and family breakdown treatment. In recent days the heat record is when you feel depressed, block to the extreme.
Then, eat at home, happy to hold me. After dinner to hug her to change her dishes, dishes for dinner, sit in the absence of other food, family is not happy. Eat a bowl, see my husband just put toothpicks in the clearing Porn Hong Kong of the throat: "eat clean, fast, go take a nap" let me feel the throat choking feeling in the suffering of people not what is different, in the days before, so all the dinner are very hasty, and then clean up the tray to move out. Because your bedroom should be air-conditioned room for dinner.

Not stop there, one day, happy doing the dishes, heard to say: "fun? Why in the home water filter, it is over? ". She replied: "I left this morn…

"The middle-aged husband cum swallow living in fear, because the young wife thirst", "love"

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Thang is 45 years old, he used to have a fulfilling marriage. Thang and his wife opened a small company with relatively large annual income. But the couple is not necessarily win the super-rich elite but very abundant life, the couple always love and care for each other that many people admire.


Meanwhile, Thang merely drinking and dancing to the music. Do not know yeast drunk or melody makes the spirit of excitement, suddenly leaned based Hong Thang, she actively seduce him with fragrant perfume and youthful looks full of life. Have 2+ years of Thang not touch the women, for the initiative and enthusiasm of the young girl, win quickly chuenh stunned feeling of love of men and women, that moment, Thang said he could not leave Hong . Red is the young girl has awakened the desire to conquer so long Wins forgotten.


After 3 months of dating, Thang and Hong quick wedding. Marriage without the presence of p…

The dishes of the "physiological amateur anal weakness" should diet

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This article please be advised of the food and drink that people with weakened physiological need to limit the use or abstain completely. 
With possible kidney yang damage: Fear of cold, vulnerable, easy sweating, cold hands and feet, face pale, his back incest Porn sore knee strain, urinate in, or urination at night or go long not all beaches, impotence , mobile works fine, pale mouth, ... 

should abstain: food and drink with cold calculation, such as buffalo meat, crabs, snails, clams, mussels, clams, watermelon, cucumber, squash, melon, melon, vegetable jute, malabar nightshade, parsley and vegetables withdrawn, bamboo shoots, seaweed, tofu, green beans, bean sprouts, carrots, code master, jicama, mushroom needle, apple, pear, banana, chrysanthemum tea , tea bowls sure ... 


The food people "physiologically weak" should abstain 1 
With possible kidney yin: The thin, feeling hot, chest, stomach upset restlessness, palms and feet hot, sweats,…

Some problems tit torture about cancer amidan

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Cancer of the tonsils is the malignant transformation of epithelial cells coated tonsils. That means this type of cancer occurs in the area of tonsils? In addition, the common position tonsils developed cancer of the tonsils are two crests of the tissue before and after the tonsils. In addition, the adjacent position tonsils can also develop cancer is back tongue root, software in the palate, the back of the throat.
-In addition to sore throat, cancer of the tonsils also have these symptoms?

A sore throat is the predominant symptoms, there are also other symptoms like swallowing problems, change of voice, spit blood, foul-smelling breath.

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In theory, can tonsils cancer early diagnosis. But in fact, very few cases were diagnosed by symptoms easily confused with inflammatory diseases the oropharynx.

-Next cigarettes are also the causes would cause cancer of the tonsils?

Alcohol is also a major cause cancer of the tonsils. Risk can increase three times if alco…

The original surveyor mom fucks need sharing

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One girl began menstruating at 11 or 12 years old. Some babies may experience earlier, at 9 or 10 years Clip Sex old. Business increasingly early age ...

One girl began menstruating at 11 or 12 years old. Some babies may experience earlier, at 9 or 10 years old. Menstruation increasingly early age, making baby full of surprise. Signs of puberty that a girl officially become a woman in biological terms is usually measured by the phenomenon of menstruation for the first time unexpectedly, causing little scared, confused and embarrassed with you, baby quiet than. Accompanied by a series of changes, curiosity about the body, chest and face began to have acne. Even some cases still do not dare to come to school only see fully grown acne on the face. He also began unprovoked anxious about changing your body and sometimes just want to be alone more often. Yes baby confided that her mother worries. She did not confide in anyone, himself struggling with thoughts vague adolescence.


Why sleep free mobile porn on children is important?

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A study pointed out that children get enough sleep can relieve urinary tract made than others.


In the study, the scientists Sex xxx examined the data measured sleep habits, risk results from the laboratory to the elements of the urinary tract, 4.525 remove your children aged 9 to 10.
An average of 10,5 hours, at night the child to sleep, and sleep at night to prepare at the young age of 8 - 12 hours.
Children sleep less than the risk of urinary tract anti - insulin - body reaction, the normal ho C door.
Children who sleep less more likely to be overweight or obese, have more fat. This is because every night sleep and work closely related to the body weight more slowly and have better muscle and some analysis of blood glucose, scientists know that Pediatrics journal.
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"These findings suggest that the work will pay attention to sleep is simple and effective in reducing fat, diabetes and the risk of typ 2 in the future," lead…