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MP that resets careers of the amateur blowjob Revenue passes in the Chamber of Deputies

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Jav Busty

The plenary of the Chamber concluded today (31) the vote on Provisional Measure (MP) 765/16, which rebalances the remuneration of several categories, among which are the careers of the Federal Revenue Service. The MP loses its validity tomorrow and still needs to be approved in the Senate. The base text had already been approved last week after the opposition withdrew from the plenary, but AV xxx lacked to highlight the text, which meant that the servers would earn a bonus for meeting targets related to collection, including fines .

The subject had already generated controversy among members of the allied base, in the voting of the base text. Members argued that the MP was in conflict with another measure that was on the agenda of the plenary, to 766/16 jav which deals with the new program of debt renegotiation with the Union, the so-called Refis, which grants discounts, installments and extended periods and guarantees Previously required. According to parliamentarians, the t…

Palocci asks for house amateur bukkake arrest to report Lula

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According to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, former minister promises to explain bill-tip and give details about the creation of Sete Brasil


Former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci negotiates with the Attorney General's Office (PGR) an award-winningAV full agreement in which he promises to focus his testimonies on bankers, businessmen and former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. In return, he asks for his sentence to be served in a year of house arrest. bokep jav The information is from this Wednesday edition of the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

Palocci, who has been arrested since September last year because of Lava Jato investigations, has decided to reveal details of the negotiations made by the former president and one of the owners of BTG Pactual, André Esteves, and the former owner of the Bread of Sugar Abílio Diniz.


According to the newspaper, in the case of Esteves, the former minister promises to ex…

Federal Police deflagrate the 2nd milf anal phase of Operation Weak Meat

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Federal Police (PF) launched on Wednesday (31) the second phase of Operation Meat Weak, which investigates irregularities in the inspection of refrigerators.

According to the PF, three search warrants and an arrest warrant were issued, which is for an indefinite period in Goiás.
The main target of this Blackedxxx phase is Francisco Carlos de Assis, former regional superintendent of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) in the State of Goiás. He will be taken to the superintendence of the PF in Curitiba, where he will be available to Justice.

Francisco Carlos de Assis was caught, according to PF, in telephone interceptions talking about the destruction of evidence relevant to the calculation of Operation Low Flesh.
"The decree of Francisco's jav free preventive detention is therefore a consequence of the need to avoid further destruction of evidence and his own personal concealment of the authorities," says an extract from the order signed by federal jud…