Federal Police deflagrate the 2nd milf anal phase of Operation Weak Meat

Federal Police (PF) launched on Wednesday (31) the second phase of Operation Meat Weak, which investigates irregularities in the inspection of refrigerators.

According to the PF, three search warrants and an arrest warrant were issued, which is for an indefinite period in Goiás.
The main target of this Blackedxxx phase is Francisco Carlos de Assis, former regional superintendent of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) in the State of Goiás. He will be taken to the superintendence of the PF in Curitiba, where he will be available to Justice.

Francisco Carlos de Assis was caught, according to PF, in telephone interceptions talking about the destruction of evidence relevant to the calculation of Operation Low Flesh.
"The decree of Francisco's jav free preventive detention is therefore a consequence of the need to avoid further destruction of evidence and his own personal concealment of the authorities," says an extract from the order signed by federal judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva of the 14th Federal Court of Curitiba.

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'Well minced'
In the judicial decision in which the custody of Francisco de Assis is authorized, there are excerpts from a telephone call in which he says he has ripped a document.
"Because of the content of the dialogue, it was not just a document that Francisco destroyed, but he managed to chop 'very well' a considerable amount of paper, so that his fingers could even hurt," says the excerpt.
In addition, in another Jav Video call for the same person, the former superintendent said he was cleaning up all the conversations - "most likely from some chat application / talk program involving facts about the investigation," according to the ruling.
This new stage was called "Antidote" in reference to a police action with the purpose of ceasing the criminal acts of the investigated and to preserve any new evidence.
The former superintendent is already guilty in court in a criminal action related to the first phase of the operation. According to PF, he participated in a corruption scheme between a large food company and the former head of the Inspection Service on Animal Products (Sipoa) in Goiás.

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"Even today, even after receiving the complaint and becoming a defendant in criminal proceedings, he has not even provided another address where he may actually be found." His contempt for institutions is evident, as is disrespect for procedural loyalty, Says an excerpt from the judge.
From this new stage, the investigated may respond, according to the PF, by obstruction of criminal investigation.
The RPC tried to get in touch with the defense of Francisco Carlos de Assis, but, until the last update of this report, did not get a return.
1st phase of Weak Meat
The first phase of the operation was triggered on March 17 and 309 court orders in six states and the Federal District. The action found the involvement of Map inspectors in a licensing scheme and irregular inspection of refrigerators.
In April, federal judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva decided to receive the five complaints filed by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), referring to the first phase of the operation. Of the 60 people denounced, the magistrate decided to accept denunciations against 59. As a result, they began to be considered as defendants in criminal proceedings that respond to the Justice.
Currently, 24 people are detained on a preventive jav streaming basis, that is, they have no time to leave the prison.
Former minister quoted
Former Minister of Justice Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR) was quoted in the 1st stage of the Weak Meat. At the time, he was still a minister.
In a clipped link, Osmar Serraglio called one of the leaders of the supposed scheme, Daniel Gonçalves Filho, a former regional superintendent of the Map.
On Sunday (28), President Michel Temer (PMDB) decided to transfer Minister Torquato Jardim from the Ministry of Transparency to the command of the Ministry of Justice, replacing Osmar Serraglio, who had been in charge since March.
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