MP that resets careers of the amateur blowjob Revenue passes in the Chamber of Deputies

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The plenary of the Chamber concluded today (31) the vote on Provisional Measure (MP) 765/16, which rebalances the remuneration of several categories, among which are the careers of the Federal Revenue Service. The MP loses its validity tomorrow and still needs to be approved in the Senate. The base text had already been approved last week after the opposition withdrew from the plenary, but AV xxx lacked to highlight the text, which meant that the servers would earn a bonus for meeting targets related to collection, including fines .

The subject had already generated controversy among members of the allied base, in the voting of the base text. Members argued that the MP was in conflict with another measure that was on the agenda of the plenary, to 766/16 jav which deals with the new program of debt renegotiation with the Union, the so-called Refis, which grants discounts, installments and extended periods and guarantees Previously required. According to parliamentarians, the text of MP 765 limited the amount of discount that could be given to negotiating debt under the other provisional measure, which could reach 90%.

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By the opposition, only the PSOL obstructed the work, while the other parties, although they did not try to interrupt the voting, criticized the rejection of the bonus. "Since last week, Revenue officials have been given the opportunity to see what institutional blackmail is." If the deputies at the base were in a rush, why did they not cast the vote for yesterday? Because they were wanting to first negotiate the issue of Refis With the government and not give you time to get organized, "said PSL leader Glauber Braga (RJ). "The text of the highlight was important to be maintained, but we will not obstruct it," said PT leader Carlos Zaratini (SP).

It was also rejected a prominence of the PP / PTdoB / Possible that it also foreseen the granting of bonuses of efficiency and hd jav productivity to the fiscal auditors of the Work. The last suppressed prominence of PCdoB, wanted to exclude from the text the possibility of organs of states, municipalities and Union yielding servers to entities of System S.

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In addition to servants of the two categories, the MP also foresees readjustment for the positions of fiscal Auditor of the Work; Health insurance expert; Infrastructure career; diplomat; Chancellery official; Chancellery assistant; Doctor of the special plan of positions of the Superintendence of the Free Zone of Manaus (Suframa); Doctor of the special plan of positions of the National Department of Infrastructure of Transports (Dnit); And civilian police of the former territories. These careers were left out of the 2016 salary negotiation, when the government offered steep increase to other public service careers.

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