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According to the doctor to be happy, this is the most young children's disease complications in the eye is driven by sinusitis in the past ten years, the little girl in the hospital, so the operation encountered many difficulties, anesthesia. Careful sinus drainage after open the doctor out huge pus disease in children.

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"Sinus surgery system development of children is not completed, if not careful could hurt many other organs, especially the eyes of happiness," the doctor said after the surgery, she regained her eyesight, swelling and pain.

Dr. Chen was unfaithful, director of the hospital otolaryngology HCM transmitted to the driver eye complications, sinusitis is common in children than adults because the surrounding sinus tissue loose, poor disease resistance, when children are chronic sinusitis, if not in time, time can send pus quickly. Common complications of meningitis in the nest, eyes, brain pressure, lower respiratory tract complications such as amidan, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, bronchial...

Sinusitis patients need treatment experts, can automatically stop pain state visits complete.

She was suddenly home smooth red eyes swollen right, no relief at a local hospital for treatment, so the family sends to the hospital hcm. The reason for the diagnosis problem examined her eyes the doctor is in otolaryngology. A small natural term but very lightweight, only 9 kg weight. Children with sinusitis sinus from the age of 6 months, with drug therapy, but the recurrence of continuous.

Ruan Ming doctor of science of happiness the paranasal sinuses, nose, ear nose and throat hospital as a hospital HCM transmitted to the child's eyes swollen, are full of sap, spewing from the eyes. CT scan showed a large car is caused by the eye complications, sinusitis formula in the driving pressure, increase the blood level. The doctors decided to emergency surgery, because if not timely drainage can cause death pus blindness or sepsis in 24 - 48 hours in children.

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