The heart has sent a bride's hand dyanna lauren should stay through various husband at home, do not help

The new family life and her husband for several years, but I feel my life hell. Even if you just born four months, but I am glad not what...... Parachute training at home by her husband and family breakdown treatment. In recent days the heat record is when you feel depressed, block to the extreme.

Then, eat at home, happy to hold me. After dinner to hug her to change her dishes, dishes for dinner, sit in the absence of other food, family is not happy. Eat a bowl, see my husband just put toothpicks in the clearing Porn Hong Kong of the throat: "eat clean, fast, go take a nap" let me feel the throat choking feeling in the suffering of people not what is different, in the days before, so all the dinner are very hasty, and then clean up the tray to move out. Because your bedroom should be air-conditioned room for dinner.

Not stop there, one day, happy doing the dishes, heard to say: "fun? Why in the home water filter, it is over? ". She replied: "I left this morning. "It is not clear the throat side immediately by her husband:" quick, quick to pour into it, and stand there arguing! ". To hear her husband very grievance, in the extreme, but still quietly put the water for us to drink, filter. Do you take me out, sit, children, air conditioning was also good, sleep in the latch. Everyone inside cool on the outside of your plaything and thermal environment.
I see can't sleep sleep, roll, happy cry. Tears dripping the midday sun. More and more fans in warm. As in a family without sympathy or share, the more you pain. One day has passed, not only that, every day. Because from her husband's parents love books and test, wrong to put it all on the daughter-in-law, and irresponsible husband all day, let the wife quiet service patrilineal family.

The room is a husband and wife and children in only 12 square meters. The installation of air conditioning room of the family, but was requisitioned a number of summer husbands. At noon and night is the husband's parents, two brothers and her husband, the husband and wife in a crowded room. One day, my husband was scared, so holding the child to give her money in the living room outside, back when the room was locked door, let me lay down on the sofa bed.

This is the air conditioning room temporarily ignored but still bear a lot of pain and happy warm memories, from 5 a.m. to eleven noon, you every day, I work at home, little Qin Daji, to cleaning, cooking and washing clothes. My husband and I hold grandma's apartment, but when I heard you cry, their description is happy to give you money, well, your husband go to work. I have been to 10 dial is going to prepare meals before persist in wilfully and arbitrarily happy playing. 10h30 dry clothes are in hand to hear you the scream: "no what to do now? ". She was so eager to go to dinner. Although many times the husband and the husband's parents home, but there is no one to help you, even just a little bit.
The heart has sent a bride's hand should stay through various husband at home, no one to help him.

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Life is happy, since married ng case m close smile. You know when you ask yourself the fate of women married several years of Youth Exchange to what? Maybe these days my husband gave me a house, can not find even a bit of fun? The worst thing is, even if your tears, you are not easy to be understood or the spirit of the wolf who share. Very homesick, miss your mom and dad have the infinite.

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