"The middle-aged husband cum swallow living in fear, because the young wife thirst", "love"

Thang is 45 years old, he used to have a fulfilling marriage. Thang and his wife opened a small company with relatively large annual income. But the couple is not necessarily win the super-rich elite but very abundant life, the couple always love and care for each other that many people admire.


Meanwhile, Thang merely drinking and dancing to the music. Do not know yeast drunk or melody makes the spirit of excitement, suddenly leaned based Hong Thang, she actively seduce him with fragrant perfume and youthful looks full of life. Have 2+ years of Thang not touch the women, for the initiative and enthusiasm of the young girl, win quickly chuenh stunned feeling of love of men and women, that moment, Thang said he could not leave Hong . Red is the young girl has awakened the desire to conquer so long Wins forgotten.


After 3 months of dating, Thang and Hong quick wedding. Marriage without the presence of parents and relatives the girls, because they objected Hong young but married a man middle age. After night of the young wife, Win felt he really was exhausted, the body becomes tired. Hong was 25 to desire her intense that win under no time, after the night of love imbued with sweat, win really realize hearts was empty that nothing can be filled.

However, a tragedy that has struck the Thang marriage suddenly shattered. Thang's wife during a driving under heavy rain, due to slippery roads and not mastered the speed so she stabbed and killed container trucks on the road taken to emergency. Seeing his wife's cold body in the morgue, Win does not seem to believe his eyes, he felt the earth under foot like collapsing. Wife whom he loves, the same food, sleep, and take care of each deceased, this pain is so great that Win disoriented, he buried himself in suffering to not eat not sleep for several nights, pain and extreme depression he had suffered painful than 2 years.

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Also thanks to those friends always side and ease the pain helped win courageous spirit revived. During a contract signing big win and have known each other Hong Hong was just 25 years old and is the secretary of the partner company. His victory is not clear or Hong proactive initiative, just remember that after both use social dinner, they decided together to a bar. 

Even with night Wins terrified when close young wife that he dreamed of touching "rule has narrowly meat", he did not say thinking for Hong said, because he was afraid of making her feel vulnerable. Think about time later lived beside his young wife, physical decline paralleled empty heart, Win feel collapse completely, if he was too hasty when promoting the relationship or because of the age of both the difference that they can not understand each other and reconcile?


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