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One girl began menstruating at 11 or 12 years old. Some babies may experience earlier, at 9 or 10 years Clip Sex old. Business increasingly early age ...

One girl began menstruating at 11 or 12 years old. Some babies may experience earlier, at 9 or 10 years old. Menstruation increasingly early age, making baby full of surprise. Signs of puberty that a girl officially become a woman in biological terms is usually measured by the phenomenon of menstruation for the first time unexpectedly, causing little scared, confused and embarrassed with you, baby quiet than. Accompanied by a series of changes, curiosity about the body, chest and face began to have acne. Even some cases still do not dare to come to school only see fully grown acne on the face. He also began unprovoked anxious about changing your body and sometimes just want to be alone more often. Yes baby confided that her mother worries. She did not confide in anyone, himself struggling with thoughts vague adolescence.

Parents need to help children overcome puberty crestfallen by equipping the knowledge about reproductive health right from childhood. Need help children understand about the body changes according to each age group. Psychological and physical changes during puberty. For girls, the mother should talk to them about menstruation before they entered puberty, so that when met, was not confused, anxious, even cases of stress. To instruct children how everyday hygiene of the trading day. In addition, mothers need sex education to children how to avoid sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancy. 

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Menstrual phenomenon of child health also makes many changes. There are little more tired, with little pale. If she does menstruation many can suffer from anemia due hypochromia iron lost during menstruation. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to nutrition for the baby slightly. Puberty need adequate intake of nutrients especially proteins because the development of the body including a system: cell reproduction, growth organizations hormones, antibodies ... means must have enough meat, fish, eggs, milk ... with the amount of more than ages ago. They need to strengthen the green vegetables and fruits to be loaded enough micronutrients and minerals for the body to develop a full, balanced.

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